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Mount Kilimanjaro National Park is placed along the slopes of the Mountain Kilimanjaro, the mountain is the highest point in Africa, on the snow-capped mountain viewed in various locations of east  Africa mostly in the neighbouring state of Kenya, the park straddles the borders of Kenya and Tanzania the park covers an area space of approximately 650 square kilometres near the Moshi town, it is placed on 4877m above sea level surrounded by the savannah plains, with its location in Africa, the glaciers is the highest mountain of Africa! And only standalone High Mountain in the world, the national park was established in 1973 mostly as a forest reserve acting as a buffer zone for animals, the beautiful ecosystem is one of the great areas identified by the UNESCO world heritage site, and the area displays the trueness of the beauty of African wildernesses.

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park

The national park has got several vegetation covers beginning from the lower slopes of farmlands, montane forest heath and moorland, and alpine desert until you reach the summit, the park interconnects with other protected conservation areas all of which are managed under one national umbrella, the conservation areas harbor several wildlife including cape buffaloes, African forest elephants, mountain duikers, giraffes, leopards, and some antelopes, among other species, there are birds of the park that have been recorded here, for example, the African eagles, sunbirds, African kingfisher to mention a few, the presence of the various attractions presents an opportunity to be able to do activities in the national park.

Wildlife viewing in the national park, these live in the park although some are very shy and rare to see, there are several animals in the park most of which live in the forested area, in the lower slopes of the park you will encounter animals like the tree hyrax, mountain duikers, hyenas among other species of the park, the primary activity of the national park is climbing the mountain  Kilimanjaro, there are several routes used to hike to the summit of the park, to reach the summit requires you to take a hike for five to nine days expect multiple views of the various wildlife in the park and the different altitudinal zones. Other things to do include cycling, and walking safari, along the Shira plateau. When going to do activities in the Kilimanjaro national park, consider physical fitness before coming to the park.

Kilimanjaro national park can be visited all year round but the best during the dry season is between June-September and Jan-February, the trails are less slippery and can easily be accessed, however for adventurous travelers, one can decide on coming to the park anytime. The park can be reached by both air and road transport, charter flights can be arranged to the destination as per guest preference, it is important to carry warm clothes, long-sleeved shirts, and trousers, waterproof covers for phones and cameras, waterproof hiking boots, and any other items of personal nature. There is available accommodation around or near the park and the summit as well to facilitate your visit to the national park.

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