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The Secretary Bird: A Majestic Predator Facing Extinction Due to Human Encroachment

The dramatic black crest of feathers on the back of its head, and the bare face usually yellow, orange, or red with whitish-gray feathers covering the body distinguish the #secretarybird “Sagittarius serpentarious” from the rest. The raptor is famously known for stomping its prey to death using its large feet and sharp laws mainly feeding on amphibians, reptiles, and small rodents. Mating for life and prefers nesting in acacia trees using the same nest for years, making repairs throughout the seasons, and laying 3 blue-green eggs incubated by both parents for 50 days, vulnerable to extinction due to human encroachment of the bird’s habitat. For more of the spectacular birds visit #murchisonfallsnational park #kidepovalleynationalpark


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